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Nostalgia is committed to bring you a fully-interactive experience for WiiU, Vita & PC.

Join Alice in find the answers of the Universe in this Interactive Adventure/Graphic Novel game set in the present world & a Cyberpunk world.

Nostalgia is a mash-up between a Visual Novel and Rpg. We're trying to bring out to you the best of both genres combined into this game.

-Features -

Unique Characters from each worlds - Even though you may interact/play with your alter ego, every character is different. Each character has different moods, ideas and even different weapon types.

Beautiful Graphics - Our team is working extremely hard to bring you beautiful, stylized and fully-animated graphics.

Full Interaction - In Nostalgia, you are be able to fully interact with almost everything, each and every object will have its own, unique description.

Unexpected Outcomes - We want cliches out, simple as that. Solid true twists, no sugar coating.

Decision Making - Each decision has its consequences. Re-playability is guarantee.

-Story -

Nostalgia is a Visual novel set in two parallel worlds. You play as Alice, a 22 years old Chemical Engineering student.

Alice was one of the 15 children captured when thet were born only to be used as experimental subjects.

None of the children met each other in their confinement. All 15 of them were released when the project totally failed. The project was called Nostalgia

The Project Nostalgia was an experiment made to see if each children could connect to their alter-ego in another possible world.

-Gameplay -

Nostalgia is a Visual Novel which includes two extra modes which would suit those new to the Visual Novel genre.

Escape Rooms - Besides telling a good story, we also want the user to interact with the game as much as possible. That's why we have created a few puzzle escape rooms, not just as an interactive experience, but also as an addition to the main story. In fact, these rooms are totally related to it.

Battle Mode - We have also included an additional feature to our game: A battle mode. Battles are complementary to the story, therefore they only take place at key points of the game, so you won't see them too often. There is no experience/stats system, only you and your weapons.

You level up taking decisions through the main story. Leveling up is needed to fight these machines, enemies, etc.

-Characters -


Alice is a 22 years old Bounty Hunter working for an organization called Rebellion.

Little is known about Alice past, She met Celia at the age of 12 and since then, they became best friends

Alice had the ability to read people's mind.


Founder of the organization called Rebellion. An anti-corruption movement to bring

peace to the city of Lybia. She met Alice at a very young age.

And many more...
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